Book Tour Schedule for SEA CHANGE

Our spring in Atlanta lasted about two minutes–we had a cool winter, and then a few warm days, then it was cold, and then it went hot again.  My flowers didn’t know what to do so they just bloomed for a short period then withered.  But we DO have lots and lots of green now—which is beautiful if you’re not one of the legions of allergy sufferers (like my dog).  As with all things, this, too, shall pass.  Hopefully before we run out of Claritin.

And then it was May and the high school graduation of my youngest child which brought all sorts of conflicting emotions.  I wrote a little blog about it that I’ll share in a separate post.  The graduation and all the hoopla surrounding such a momentous occasion eclipsed all of my emotions so that it was a bit of a surprise when I received my book tour schedule from my publicist with a reminder that my next book, SEA CHANGE, will hit shelves next week.  Next week??  What happened to May??

Ready or not, my book will be out June 5th and I will be on the road to promote if.  I love meeting readers and I’m going to a lot of new cities this time around, so please check out my appearances schedule on my website here: to see if I’m coming to a venue near you.  I also sign e-readers if you have a signable case. 🙂  Or bookmarks if that works better so you can prove to friends that, yes, I do exist and that you’ve met me in person!

Enjoy the summer, and may yours be filled with lots of wonderful books!


Happy reading,